Absolute Rodent Control
Absolute Rodent Control Durango - ARCD

Our business is focused on controlling or eliminating infestations of burrowing rodents.  Our process is highly effective and humane compared to other methods.  Rodent colonies grow quickly with a female prairie dog having several offspring each year.  Each new litter is sent out to expand the colony.  A single migration can cover up to twelve miles!
Rodents destroy pastures, hay fields, and farmland while creating a dangerous environment for your animals.  Rodents carry diseases which can effect livestock, domestic animals and natural predators.  Commercial properties, and residential subdivisions are defaced and devalued.
PERC technology is a highly effective and humane method of controlling or eliminating an infestation of rodents.  Poisons can take up to 3 days to kill a rodent once ingested, during this time it can return to the surface and cause a secondary kill of pets, birds of prey, foxes, and coyotes. 

No Poison!

No Explosions!

Will not harm other wildlife!

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